The Node Beginner Book – A comprehensive Node.js tutorial for beginners

Freely available eBook aimed at developers new to JavaScript and the Node.js platform. Started in April 2011, the web version had more than 1,400,000 unique visitors by April 2014, and has sold more than 12,000 book copies.

The homepage of The Node Beginner Book is at

bivouac – Zero-setup non-public group chat with super-easy file sharing

bivouac provides an open source software package which allows to easily setup and run web-based group chats with dead-simple file-sharing (drag a file into the chat, and it’s immediately available as a download for all chat members).

Besides these “feature goals”, my secondary goal is to learn how to architect JavaScript applications that are relatively complex, with domain-driven design and a strong separation of concerns in mind.

bivouac is written in JavaScript, for the Node.js platform.

It’s hosted at

projectile – HTML5 space shooter game using Canvas and JavaScript

projectile is an old-school 2D scrolling space shooter written in JavaScript, using the HTML5 canvas element for smooth pixel-based animations

You can play the game at, the project is hosted at

PHPRestfulSubversion – A collection of PHP classes which make SVN merge management simple

PHPRestfulSubversion is a PHP library which abstracts away the access to a SVN repository with a RESTful JSON webservice API. It can be used to build sophisticated SVN merge tools without the hassle of accessing SVN directly. By utilizing a database cache of all SVN contents, repository data access is highly accelerated.

The project is hosted at

Platform Health Viewer – simple web based data collection and visualization platform

Platform Health Viewer allows users to easily collect and visualize different types of statistical data which is typically produced by internet platforms, like CPU performance, user logins, HTTP requests etc.

The main application is build on Rails, the server used for data collection is written in Node.js, the web interface makes heavy use of jQuery and uses Raphaël to create SVG graphs. Mass data is saved in a SQL db, other data is stored using CouchDB.

The project is no longer actively maintained. You can find the code at